Harvard Business School Launches January Term

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on January 13, 2010

Well, it’s official. Way back in May of 2008 we reported that the nine graduate schools at Harvard, including Harvard Business School (Harvard Full-Time MBA Profile), were considering a pretty dramatic change to the academic calendar: the addition of a short “January term” shoehorned between the fall and spring terms. The “J-Term,” as it’s affectionately known, is now officially underway, HBS announced today.

The term runs from Jan. 11 to Jan. 22. HBS is offering eight faculty-led seminars on a variety of subjects, including leadership, sustainable development, and health care. Students will get exposure to top executives (the CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one) and bold-faced names on the Harvard faculty roster (Michael Porter, for example). An expanded Immersion Experience Program will also take students to China, India, Peru, Rwanda, Vietnam, and other locations.

Joseph Badaracco, faculty chair of the HBS MBA program, described why HBS students might want to give up their well-earned between-term R&R to take part in the programs:

The HBS January Term gives students the opportunity to reflect in a different way on what they are learning in the classroom through in-depth study and by applying their learning in the field. Our offerings include a mix of small seminars, international immersions, and independent professional development opportunities that allow students to take a deep, interactive dive into topics, industries, and regions that inspire them.

I suspect the J-term will turn out to be enormously popular with HBS students, especially if the immersion programs continue to take place far from snowy Boston in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and other sunny locales. Any HBS students out there taking part in the program who care to fill us in on the details?

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marcos townsend

January 21, 2010 8:31 PM

this sounds like what MIT does with the IAP...i think most are still opting for vacation

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