My Glass Is Half Full

Posted by: Francesca Di Meglio on May 7, 2009

With the economy in turmoil, many MBA graduates are finding the job search tough going. To give readers some insight into the strategies they’re pursuing and the difficulties they face, BusinessWeek has recruited four out-of-work MBAs to write about their experiences for a new feature called “The Hunt” that will appear periodically on the Getting In blog. Comments, as always, are welcome.


By Juan Manuel Meneses Buchanan
Job searching now is somewhat of a love- hate relationship. You love to see opportunities coming through and then hate to see them passing through your fingers like sand in an hourglass. Often, in this economy, the reasons are more about destiny and sheer numbers and less about your capabilities and skills. You might even be the perfect match for a particular job, but things still don’t go your way.

More than five job openings with investment banks and asset managers were closed during the second and even final rounds of hiring because of market conditions. The recruiting was just put on hold, but now it appears that the engine is starting again. I will keep my fingers crossed and prepare myself for the opportunities that might lie ahead.

My positive attitude has been my greatest asset. It certainly has saved me from developing ulcers and going gray. Sometimes, seeing the economy as it is, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh, but I always think, “This too shall pass.” I genuinely believe that an MBA can find a way to enter the job market. We have worked hard and keep developing our capabilities, so someone will need us at some point. The key is not to overstress and to sit tight.

Sometimes, it is hard, especially when bills and the student loan payment deadlines come ever closer, but getting mad or desperate will not help you. At some point, my entrepreneurial spirit earned wings and took flight. I started to evaluate the idea of launching my own business, which would be great for someone like me. After all, my life menu has always featured risk taking, optimism, and a little luck. So, maybe I will start my own business. Who knows?

Keeping things in perspective is important, too. I’m grateful for the support of my partner, family, and friends. They know I have faced some set backs, but they believe that I will find a great job soon. Sometimes, their support and expectations are what keep me moving forward. Even though I don’t have my dream job, the rest of my life is where I dreamed it to be. There is the ancient mantra, “Health, Love, and Money”. Well, two out of three ain’t bad!

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