U.S. News MBA Ranking Leaked. Sort of.

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on April 23, 2009

By Anne VanderMey

A few enterprising B-school applicants may have uncovered the results for U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of the top MBA programs about 24 hours before they were officially released online today.

The news magazine’s possible gaffe came when it displayed a set of business school rankings in a two-minute video on graduate school trends. They apparently thought the list would be too small for anyone to make out. Clearly, they underestimated the entrepreneurial prowess—and incredibly keen eyesight—of this year’s class.

The list that has the online MBA sites atwitter, so to speak. Veritas Prep, the GMAT prep service, blogged on the list yesterday. And BusinessWeek’s own MBA forums have been buzzing with the news.

The rankings are displayed after the jump. The new rankings are on the far left, followed by the former rankings in brackets. To the right of the school name is the score assigned to each school in parenthesis, followed by last year’s score in brackets.

1 [1] Harvard (100) [100]
2 [1] Stanford (99) [100]
3 [4] Northwestern (93) [93]
3 [3] Wharton (93) [95]
5 [4] MIT (92) [93]
5 [4] Chicago (92) [93]
7 [7] Berkeley (89) [89]
8 [7] Dartmouth (87) [89]
9 [9] Columbia (86) [88]
10 [13] Yale (85) [80]
11 [10] NYU (83) [84]
12 [14] Duke (82) [79]
13 [12] Michigan (81) [82]
14 [11] UCLA (80) [83]
15 [17] Carnegie Mellon (79) [77]
15 [14] UVA (79) [79]
17 [14] Cornell (78) [79]
18 [18] Texas-Austin (74) [74]
19 [22] Georgetown (71) [69]
20 [19] UNC (70) [72]
20 [21] USC (70) [70]

U.S. News compiles its rankings mostly through a compilation of B-school deans’ opinions, a very different system than the one at BusinessWeek, which uses surveys of students and recruiters, as well as measure of each school's intellectual capital. This means that the two publications usually have substantially different results. By way of comparison, here are the top 10 schools from BusinessWeek’s 2008 MBA rankings.

1 University of Chicago (Booth)
2 Harvard University
3 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
4 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
5 University of Michigan (Ross)
6 Stanford University
7 Columbia University
8 Duke University (Fuqua)
9 MIT (Sloan)
10 UC Berkeley (Haas)

More or less the same schools make the top of the list, though U.S. News tends to lean more heavily to the classic Ivies—Dartmouth doesn’t make the top 10 in BusinessWeek’s list, and Yale (number 10 in the leaked U.S. News rankings) comes in at 24.

Kudos to whatever students scoured their screen closely enough to get this scoop. Just don't try it with us. ;)

Reader Comments

KeyPlan MBA

April 29, 2009 5:38 AM

For admission consulting and application support, please see http://www.kpmba.com/

Yoo man

April 29, 2009 10:30 AM

I recently moved to NJ from CA. Planning to do an MBA on a part-time basis in NJ as my company likes to pay for it. But i donot see any NJ business schools in the US news ranking to compare with in the area, where as Business week's MBA rankings has good rankings for Rutgers and other local schools around. So which rankings is accurate? Also felt that there is a bias towards big private school in the rankings. Since i am in NJ I did a research on NJ state job market and B'schools in the area, strangely this is what i found:

1)NJ is the second richest state in US, New Jersey also has the highest population density in the United States, and its median income is second highest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_of_the_United_States_by_income) and sure enough this is due to many small businees clusters in NJ
2) NJ is the Pharma & Bio capital capital of US companies like Merck, Wyeth, Scherring & plough, J&J list goes on....
3) It seems that NJ has the east coast's busiest port http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_busiest_port and has largest passenger transportation company(NJ Transit) and finally
4) Back office work for NewYorks big financial and insurance companies is done in NJ

How this anaylsis is useful? I am glad you asked... Well as future business student one day i need a job and that's why this anaysis is useful to decide, where a school is located, how much impact school and influence has a school on the local community and job market and this is what found:
1) NJ MBA schools grads are more likely to get a job offer and a better offer than the top b schools because of its strategic location.
2) Most local B'school grads tend to start there business in this area so certain programs can be better than else where.
3) Schools around here are specialized in Pharma and supply chain MBA programs.
4) NJ being close to NY city the biggest job generator in US, a lot of finance,insurance and advertising jobs are aviable for interns in these schools.

As result iam having second thoughts with this rankings business. From a common sense stand point school location place a big role in the job market just think about getting a job in OH, MI,MN,IN or getting a Job NJ/NY area, which is easier? So i am convinced that doing MBA around Nj area is the right move but which school? I am thinking of Rutgers University or Lehigh not sure which is the right choice. But looking by numbers Rutgers seems to popular among part-time students as its part-time student body is close to 1100 students. Also rutgers is sorrunded by pharma,pricenton/Rutgers university start-ups,financial and insurance companies so a very good chance of landing a future job offer.

Well i guess that's how i did my research, to sum up i wish there was rankings in the following areas also to help me furthur in my search:
1)Part time and full time school rankings
2)Private schools and Public schools rankings
3)Wish there was a more specialization rankings like Pharma, Petro-chemicals and Insurance school ranking also.

Good luck every one, just a caution though use these rankings as secondary guide line only.

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February 8, 2012 8:38 PM

Depending on where Yooman is in Jersey he has plenty of top ranked schools near him. I've never heard an east coaster complain about that. Wharton, Columbia, and NYU are just across the border. I'm not sure what any of them offer for part time programs (which are what most people do who get the thing paid for by their employer).

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