Chicago Booth gets a 'Bump'

Posted by: Geoff Gloeckler on April 28, 2009

For the past few weeks, Apple has been keeping a running tally of the number of applications (or apps) users have downloaded since the app store was launched in June of 2008, offering the individual who downloaded the 1 billionth app a prize package that included a MacBook Pro computer and a $10,000 iTunes gift card. The winner was a 13 year old in Connecticut, who downloaded an application called ‘Bump’ on April 23.

So how does this fit into the B-school blog? As it turns out, the ‘Bump’ application was developed by two first-year MBAs at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. David Lieb and Jake Mintz—both former employees at Texas Instruments—met in a core accounting course at Booth last fall and founded a company with a friend in California soon after to develop the technology. ‘Bump’ debuted on the iTunes app store in late March. Simply stated, ‘Bump’ is a networking tool that allows users to exchange contact information by bumping two phones together. Here’s a demo.

After Apple announced that ‘Bump’ was the billionth download, it became the most downloaded app for the day and remained near the top for the next few days. It now hovers around the top ten on the list of free apps.

I haven’t tried ‘Bump’ myself, but it sounds like a pretty good idea, and it has been receiving mostly positive reviews. Users on the iTunes site have given ‘Bump’ an average of three stars out of a possible five. The only catch is that both ‘bumpers’ must have the app downloaded for the technology to work.

Has anyone tried ‘Bump’? If so, let me know what you think.

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