Five Schools That Will Help You Get to the White House

Posted by: Alison Damast on January 14, 2009

Here’s a quick trivia question for politically-minded students: Which school has produced the most alumni who have made it into the Cabinet? If you’re dying to know the answer to this question, check out the new “Top Five Colleges to Attend If You Want to be in the President’s Cabinet” list.

Dr. Katherine Cohen, founder of IvyWise and an admissions expert, pulled it together just in time for Inauguration Day. It also includes some tidbits that may be interesting for business school students.

1. University of California, Berkeley
“Cal’s alumni have presided over several cabinet positions (most recently, a Ph.D. graduate Steven Chu for the department of energy) as Cal’s graduate programs in the Sciences, Law and Business consistently produce leaders whose experience is meaningful in D.C.,” Cohen said.
2. Yale and Georgetown (Tie)
“Yale’s Law School still produces high-quality politicians and advisors, and, while Georgetown’s number is actually lower than Yale’s (Rumsfeld didn’t actually graduate Georgetown Law School), their top-notch Foreign Services, Business and Law Programs are specifically tailored for the future politico,” Cohen said.
3. Indiana University
“The big surprise of the group, Indiana boasts 4 alumni in cabinet positions since 2001. A closer look at their highly ranked Business and Management Program reveals that IU’s innovative curriculum based on applicable, “real-world” knowledge builds connections that lead to political leadership,” Cohen said.
4. University of Denver
“This should not be a surprise for those in the know in the Business and Political World. While Condoleezza Rice is still its most famous alum, Denver has 3 other cabinet members and a world-class International Studies program, ranked ahead of giants such as University of Chicago, Yale, Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, and MIT,” Cohen said.
5. Harvard
“Harvard has more alumni in cabinet positions than Yale, Princeton, Stanford and MIT combined. Whether it was the Law School, Business School, or Harvard college, the Harvard reputation still carries much clout in the beltway,” Cohen said.

What do you think of Cohen’s findings? Does your school deserve to be on this list?

Reader Comments

Nursing RN to BSN

January 21, 2009 6:46 PM

Indiana State is where I got my degree. Online and in nursing. That's another big surprise. You can get a nursing degree online. Have your clinicals out of the and the academic portion of your degree can be done online.

I'm proud to see my school among the list even though I attended online. I try to tell everyone I know about the great opportunities in online nursing schools. It'll help with the current nursing shortage crisis because there are no waiting list to get in and it is a more efficient way to earn for nurse educators to teaching nursing. BTW, there is a shortage of nurse educators as well.

So, if you want more informatin about the Indiana program, either the LPN to RN or the RN to BSN, check out the links.


January 27, 2009 5:18 PM

I guess just because you get a degree it doesn't make you smart (or mean you know how to read an article). I guess there is a reason you got your degree online. The article clearly states that it is Indiana Univ. (NOT Indiana State) that can set you up with political connections. What nursing has to do with this article is beyond me.


February 18, 2009 6:29 PM

This article has nothing to do with nursing. Someone is just advertising the Indiana online nursing program. I know someone who tried it. The school makes you pay in advance for modules. If you don't like it, you don't get any kind of refund and then you're stuck paying student loans for something that is extremely difficult to complete using an online format.

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