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Posted by: Louis Lavelle on December 19, 2008

We don’t normally have a chance to present any advice from Harvard Business School admissions staff about getting into the MBA program since they’ve declined our invitations to take part in Q&As and other features on our site. So it pleases me enormously to be able to direct prospective applicants to a new admissions podcast on the Harvard website. Andrea Kimmel from Harvard MBA Admissions interviews Dee Leopold, managing director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid, about the qualities HBS is looking for in an applicant, how best to demonstrate your leadership abilities, and strategies for standing out among the flood of applicants seeking to ride out the recession in a top-notch MBA program like Harvard’s.


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February 7, 2012 5:59 AM

In the world of job-seekers there are job-interviewers. Most of job-interviewers are bad beasuce: 1) They were summoned at the last minute to interview you and didn’t even read your resume 2) They have no interviewing skills and have no ideas about (a) what they are looking for and (b) how to ask questions 3) They just don’t care of being good at what they do since the odds are in their favors and that there are no negative ramifications if they’re not as good as they can be. This make a lot of job-interviewers throw questions at you. Just beasuce they don’t know what to ask or simply beasuce it is intellectually more difficult to come up with a good probing questions. I have some of these guys ask if you have a question and then ask again and again and again. They are putting the burden on you to talk, but at the same they just surrender the control of the interview to you. This is your opportunity to shine, and this excellent book will help you do just that. The more time you spend reading and memorizing questions, the better your interviewing skills will be. The structure of the book is excellent and the way questions are structure makes it easy to use the book as a reference even when you’re taking an interview on the phone! This gave me an edge, and I’ve impressed more than one interviewers with my questions. If you do your research ahead of time and demonstrate that you have a good the knowledge of the company and its industry, there’s no reason for you not to perform well. A must have in your personal library.

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