B-School Admissions Bubble?

Posted by: Phil Mintz on December 8, 2008

Are business school apps about to hit a wall?

Through October of this year, GMAT test volume, which correlates closely to business school applications, is up more than 10%. That’s expected in a recession, and is buttressed by reports from business schools of increased applications so far this cycle.

However, according to a report today on Inside Higher Ed, applications for the GRE exam, the main admissions test for graduate school, have dropped this year — the first time ever test sessions have dropped in a downturn. One theory, according to Inside Higher Ed, is that the credit crunch is keeping people away from grad school.

Is this an outlier, or will business school apps follow a similar course in months ahead? After all, MBAs are caught in a credit crunch too. We’ll have to wait and see.

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