GRE versus GMAT Comparison

Posted by: Phil Mintz on November 3, 2008

Have you taken the GRE and are wondering how you’d do on the GMAT?

The Educational Testing Service, which owns the GRE, has created an online calculator that it says will predict GMAT scores from GRE verbal and quantitative results. ETS says the correlation between the two is very strong.

ETS has been trying to position the GRE as an alternative to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s GMAT, which is the entrance exam required by most top programs. ETS says that more than 120 MBA programs now accept the GRE.

Reader Comments

gre gmat tutor

December 2, 2008 8:28 PM

The GMAT and GRE essay sections are identical and the math sections are very similar (I tutor GMAT and GRE math), but the verbal sections are not comparable at all. The GRE verbal is about 3/4 vocab, and the GMAT verbal stresses crtical reasoning.

Ask most test takers and they'll tell you that GRE math is easier than GMAT math, but GRE verbal is much harder.

ETS is annoying because they are so inconsistent about experimental sections. Maybe you'll get one, maybe you won't. If you do get one it won't be labelled, and some people even get experimental essay sections! If a test taker is unlucky and gets overwhelmed by an extra section, and another test taker is lucky and doesn't have an extra section, how is that a fair test? They need to figure that out before they push it on business schools. I think MBA programs prefer the GMAT because it's pretty consistent.

Sorry, just a little rant!

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