Wharton MBA Strikes It Rich--Again

Posted by: Louis Lavelle on October 30, 2008

By Alysa Teichman

One Wharton MBA grad just landed a huge payday-–and with little thanks to his degree.

That would be 33-year-old Keenan Altunis, who gave his mom $100 to buy him three tickets in the “$1 million a year for life” scratch off game. She pitched in $20 more to buy an extra ticket, and boom: he’s the first-ever winner of the contest. And he didn’t even have to conjure up his B-school knowledge to cash in.

Not only that, but since Altunis lives in London, he’ll be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on federal taxes. Since he’s 33, he has many years left to collect on the $1 million a year prize, too.

Did I mention he was already a millionaire before winning? He told the New York Post that the winnings will not change his life.

It's very unfortunate to see friends losing their jobs. We are all feeling the pinch a bit. This has been one of the toughest times in the world, so the win for me is bittersweet...Don't get me wrong, no matter how rich anyone is, a million a year is a lot of money. But I don't expect this to change my life very much at all.

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