So Long (Paper) Viewbook

Posted by: Phil Mintz on October 30, 2008

Talk about serendipity. Going through this morning’s snail mail, I opened a heavy envelope containing the 112-page 2007 annual report of a philanthropy, which will remain unnamed. Color pictures. Heavy stock paper. Sigh. Right into the trash basket. ‘What a waste,’ I thought.

The next envelope was a real light one from Cornell’s Johnson School. Inside, a flash drive containing an interactive “virtual viewbook” for the school’s MBA program. Johnson officials say the new format — it’s no longer printing a paper viewbook — saves tens of thousand of dollars in production costs and reduces the school’s carbon footprint. It’s also in a format that students like. (Many other schools and businesses use custom flash drives for promotion.)

An added bonus: whether you go to Johnson or not, the drive is reusable.

Reader Comments

Noman Ahmed Shaheer

February 26, 2009 5:54 AM

Brilliant Idea. We should avoid printing papers because this practice adds to pollution and results into wastage of precious natural resources. I think all Universities should follow Cornell. When all relevant info can be transmitted through CDs, and internet, Why should we harm our own environment?

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