Interviewing With Troubled Companies?

Posted by: Phil Mintz on September 10, 2008

First Bear Stearns imploded and was swallowed by JPMorgan Chase. Now Lehman Brothers, another landing place for MBAs, is struggling to shore up its business. BusinessWeek’s Dan Macsai checked in today with several business schools who have sent MBAs to Lehman in the past, including Wharton, Columbia, and the University of Chicago, and the early word is that everything is business as usual on the recruiting front. But that raises another question. Would you, soon-to-be Mr. or Ms. MBA, interview at a company that appears to be in trouble? What’s the upside?

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Karlyn Katigbak

September 11, 2008 1:44 AM

Soon-to-be Mr. or Ms. MBA would certain ly give anyone some confidence. However, how would it really hurt this individual to go to the interview except to lose a bit of time and possibly a little bit of money just trying to get there.

People have different ideas and I believe with the right person and right strategies, anything bad or that appears to look negative can be turned toward the positive direction.

The upside to interviewing for a company that is in trouble is the positive feedback and possibly the experience that can be gained when bad situations occur.

The housing industry appears to be a crisis all on its own. However, it is still driven by people who feel that it can be turned around and society can still be helped. For example, check out

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