More oversight for Indian business schools

Posted by: Alison Damast on August 25, 2008

Back in June, I reported on the shoddy state of many of India’s business schools. The negative publicity the country’s business schools have received in the past year seems to have finally spurred the government into action. The country’s higher education secretary told an industry lobbying group that he plans to establish a separate accreditation agency for business and engineering schools, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported on its blog on Aug. 24.

The establishment of an independent accreditation agency would help to waylay much of the criticism that has been directed toward the All India Council for Technical Education, which now serves as both an accreditation and regulation agency for the country’s 1,116 engineering and business schools. Lobbying groups have been pushing for these functions to be separate, a move they believe will help improve the academic quality of the schools and hinder corruption, according to Indian business newspaper Mint.

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