Columbia's New Core

Posted by: Phil Mintz on August 20, 2008

Columbia Business School sent out details of its new core curriculum this afternoon. Columbia becomes just the latest school to revamp its core curriculum. A few days ago, Goizueta dean Larry Benveniste visited BusinessWeek to discuss that school’s new curriculum.

As for Columbia, students in this year’s entering class will encounter “required” and “flexible” components in the new core and the new structure will permit students to take an additional elective course in the second semester of the first year.

Here's some of what Columbia said about the new core in a news release:

The new structure retains Columbia’s commitment to an academically rigorous core as the nucleus of the MBA. The required core of 6.5 courses covers material that is deemed essential to an MBA: accounting, corporate finance, leadership, marketing, operations, statistics and strategy. The flexible core, designed to expand the scope of the required core and complement its content, is composed of 1.5 courses. Students will select one course from each of three broad categories: Organizations, Performance and Markets, and may take additional courses as electives.

Organizations focuses on organizational change and the importance of social networks and interpersonal skills. Performance combines the disciplines of risk management and accounting: Courses cover the impact of a firm’s operational strategy and introduce accounting-based performance measures as tools for decision-making. Markets delves more deeply into macro- and microeconomics, including game theory.

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