US Management Research Supremacy Over?

Posted by: Phil Mintz on July 14, 2008

The dominance of U.S. business schools in management research is drawing to a close. That’s the premise of an article by Cass business school prof Charles Baden-Fuller published by the Financial Times today.

Baden-Fuller, a professor of strategy at Cass, writes:

While Wharton and Harvard are still the best by a margin, Europe now accounts for 25 per cent of international research output. Its best schools – London Business School, Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus), Insead and Tilburg are in the global top 30. Asian schools – in China and Singapore especially – are further behind but their stock is rising even faster.

Baden-Fuller suggests that U.S. business schools are resting on their laurels.

"Their measurements overemphasise past successes, ignore current trends and importantly use narrowly based research measures, looking only at material published in US journals and ignoring the fact that important new ideas are increasingly being published in highly regarded, peer-reviewed non-US publications."

I'm sure that there are folks at U.S. business schools who disagree with this assessment. Any takers?

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