Harvard Opens China Office

Posted by: Phil Mintz on July 9, 2008

Harvard’s business school has opened its first China office, in Shanghai, the Harvard Crimson reports. The office will help arrange for internships, aid in research for b-school faculty, and possibly offer onsite exec ed courses, the Crimson says.

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Wendy Marx

October 11, 2010 3:58 PM

I am glad to see I am not the only ones in this boat. I am trying to refinance and because as a self-employed person I put a lot of money in a pension plan to reduce my tax bite and save for retirement, I was turned down by a mortgage company. I could pay off the loan myself today and these morons don't care. They say they are only following Freddie and Fanny Mae requirements. I am contacting my congressman and the senators from Connecticut regarding this though understand part of the fault of this craziness lies at the fault of CT's senator, Chris Dodd. I also plan to talk this mess up in social media and blog about it because I think it's disgraceful that we hard-working, small business people are being totally penalized for the faults of the bank.

Thanks for the discussion and the original article.

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