What Reapplicants Should Know

Posted by: Jane Porter on June 5, 2008

Facing one round of admissions rejections can be tough and picking up and starting from scratch is a challenge. What to do differently the second time around? How much of your original application materials can and should be used? The University of Chicago offers a tip sheet to MBA reapplicants with suggestions on how to improve your application when you’ve already been rejected once before.

Applicants should revaluate recommenders and ask themselves: Is there a missing perspective there? They should consider how goals have changed since their first admission attempt. It's important to figure out how each school handles the review process. Some schools like Chicago will reference past essays when evaluating a candidate who has applied before, so those applicants should consider showing how they've grown since their first attempt at admissions.

Stanford on the other hand doesn't look at a reapplicant's previous application. Reapplicants to Stanford can learn more about what the school is looking for by checking out their tip sheet.

Does reapplying to b-school mean starting from scratch or just re-working what you did the first time around?

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