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Posted by: Louis Lavelle on June 23, 2008

The Aspen Institute, which ranks MBA programs for their commitment to teaching and researching socially and environmentally responsible business practices, is publishing a guidebook to its top MBA programs.

“The Aspen Institute Guide to Socially Responsible MBA Programs 2008-2009” (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) builds on the institute’s highly successful “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” ranking. It includes two-page profiles of 130 MBA programs. Each profile includes information on required and elective courses, faculty research, concentrations, joint degree programs, and clubs and activities that deal with social and environmental issues. Programs are designated as “truly extraordinary,” “excellent” or “good.”

The book will be available starting June 25. It's available as an electronic download at ($14.95) or in print form from Amazon and through Berrett-Koehler ($37.95).

Reader Comments

Warner Woodworth

July 10, 2008 1:24 PM

The Aspen Institute Guide to Socially Responsible MBA Programs: 2008-2009 is a much needed publication. As a management professor at the Marriott School, Brigham Young University, it will help me advise prospective students seeking to attend the most focused schools which emphasize social responsibility, ethics, and environmental stewardship. It allows prospective MBA students globally, to identify, evaluate, and compare, and finally to choose to apply to the ideal institutions that emphasize the progressive values of today’s students. Many MBA applicants are tired of the unethical management practices and environmentally damaging results of big business.

Berrett-Koehler, Pub. has long been the premier publishing house under the visionary leadership of Steve Piersanti. It has led the movement to promote a better corporate environment by integrating social and financial missions of management practice for the 21st Century. This new volume, co-sponsored by BK Press and Aspen’s Center for Business Education, is an excellent source containing the best practices of environmental stewardship, positive community impacts, and a more positive form of globalization as American business goes abroad.

The Center for Business Education collaborated with “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” in collecting the data for this volume. They sought to survey some 700 MBA programs globally, and the data in this report is derived from 111 schools in 20 countries, which submitted more than 20,000 pages of materials. The core question in the survey centers on business school innovations regarding “social impact management” i.e. MBA programs that teach, analyze, and study progressive corporate policies, governance systems, environmental stewardship, managerial ethics, and community responsibilities. This agenda is a major source which documents changes in the corporate world. Historically, these materials were only accessible through the “Beyond the Grey Pinstripes” web pages. Now, this first version of the Guide as a book breaks new ground by offering a single hard copy volume.

I only wish my own MBA program at BYU helped to lead this movement toward a socially responsible future, and could be included in this outstanding volume.

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