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  • Several more Fed rate hikes on the way?
    Jim Cooper is an economist and the editor of BusinessWeek's Business Outlook column. In this week's column, he points out how much stronger than…
  • Dow 11,000?
    It's not surprising, given the market's strong performance lately, that some serious optimism about equities is building. One source, Sheldon…
  • Vonage "Pimps" That Phone
    I just got notice of a new Vonage contest where it has asked four designers to
  • One way to save on gas
    Most of the advice on how to cut your gas bill is pretty basic stuff -- make sure your tires are inflated and the car is tuned up to increase fuel…
  • Summer Oil Prices
    The folks at U.S. Global Investors, which manages $2.2 billion, much of it in natural resources stock funds, are big believers in looking at…
  • ShareBuilder "Free Summer" Promotion
    I've never tried online brokerage ShareBuilder, nor have I covered it enough to endorse it. But from what I've heard and read about the company, it…
  • Earnings Stalling?
    So far second quarter earnings season hasn't been very inspiring. This story in USA Today confirms some of the weak trends that I wrote about two…
  • An up day in the market?
    In the roughly 10 hours since the London terrorist attacks, we've gone from the Dow futures indicating a 200-point drop at the open to a 20-point…
  • Prevailing Over Evil
  • Key to investing -- Forget About it
    I spoke recently with Tom Taulli, co-founder of CurrentOfferings.com (a web site with information on private placements and other corporate stock…




Last Updated: 08:44 pm Market Summary

S&P500 1864.85 2.54
DJIA 16408.54 -16.31
NASDAQ 4095.516 9.291
Stoxx 50 3155.81 16.55
FTSE 100 6625.25 41.08
DAX 9409.71 91.89
Nikkei 14489.73 72.2
Topix 1169.94 3.35
Hang Seng 22760.24 64.23