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  • Teaching Kids About Money
    ING Direct operates a fun site designed to teach kids about money called Planet Orange . A lot of the content isn't exactly rocket science -- for…
  • ETFs for Dividend Seekers
    Starting Sept. 15, investors will be able to invest in three new baskets of dividend-paying companies. The three new PowerShares “Dividend…
  • Golfers and finance
    Duffers take note: Nationwide Financial and Golf Digest have conducted a study of golfers' financial savvy that has some amusing findings. Their…
  • Katrina Scams
    I'm back from a week's vacation, where I spent much of the time glued to CNN watching Katrina's devestation of the Gulf Coast. Today several…
  • Brokers go independent
    Now that so many traditional stock brokers charge an annual fee based on assets under management for their services (rather than a commission on…
  • The Hierarchy of Decisions
    Getting ready to reevaluate your finances? Here's a simple flow chart of questions (from most important to least important) to help get you…
  • That 70s Show
    Are we stuck in the 70s? Diane Jaffee, a managing director at Trust Company of the West, and one of the portfolio managers of the Laudus Balanced…
  • Relief at Disappointing Retail Sales?
    Here's a riddle for investors: When is a disappointing retail sales number a good thing? Answer: When the real concern is that the economy is…
  • Most overpaid bank execs
    Ten million may sound like chump change when it comes to compensation in the finance world. But according to research firm SNL Financial, based in…
  • Navellier Stock Grader
    Here's a fun stock-rating tool to try: Navellier's Stock Grader. Just plug in your favorite ticker and see if Navellier's quantitative measures…




Last Updated: 08:21 am Market Summary

S&P500 1967.57 2.89
DJIA 16943.81 28.74
NASDAQ 4415.49 19.286
Stoxx 50 3157.05 6.46
FTSE 100 6690.17 17.8
DAX 9666.34 7.21
Nikkei 15164.04 -52.43
Topix 1255.19 -4.06
Hang Seng 23233.45 -5.54