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  • Stock ownership is up
    Given the general dissatisfaction of the investing public, you'd think that stock ownership would have fallen markedly in the U.S. since the tech…
  • Ave Maria Fund ideas
    I spoke recently with George Schwartz, portfolio manager of the Ave Maria Fund, a stock fund that invests according to Catholic values (which…
  • Good news for independent analysts?
    Wondering why brokerage-house analysts usually have so much more stock-moving muscle than independent analysts? One big reason is that brokerage…
  • Healthcare smart card?
    The intersection of healthcare and technology has been a hot area for entrepreneurs and investors for years. Now we're getting some much needed…
  • Year-end tax pitfalls
    I just listened in on a year-end tax planning conference call featuring three financial planners that are part of Zero Alpha Group. They identified…
  • Earnings growth, without the debt
    San Diego Investment adviser Brent Wilsey has come up with a list of companies that have low debt, but above-average earnings growth. He clarifies…
  • Nursing Home Costs Up 5% in 2005
    It is depressing, but hardly surprising to see that nursing home costs continue to rise -- up more than 5% this year. Here's some more data to…
  • Break Up Citigroup?
    Tom Brown, a leading bank analyst and hedge fund manager, just called for such a move on his web site, bankstocks.com. (See,
  • Maintaining "measured"
    Wondering why stocks are sliding in reaction to the Federal Reserve's decision to raise rates another quarter point? It's because the Fed says it…
  • Community Investing in Katrina's Wake
    This press release popped up in my mailbox today and it looks like a great option for people who want to give money to Katrina, but don't want…




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S&P500 1967.57 2.89
DJIA 16943.81 28.74
NASDAQ 4415.49 19.286
Stoxx 50 3157.05 6.46
FTSE 100 6690.17 17.8
DAX 9666.34 7.21
Nikkei 15164.04 -52.43
Topix 1255.19 -4.06
Hang Seng 23233.45 -5.54