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  • Is eBay on the Mend?
    To answer that question: Partly. Clearly, investors liked the fact that the quarter's growth overall looked pretty good, with profits up 52%, and…
  • eBay Sellers Seek Profit from VT Tragedy
    No tragedy is too awful, no heartbreak too great to stop two great forces in American life, trial lawyers and eBay sellers, from cashing in. So it…
  • Blackberry Outage
    Kick 'em while they're down! As if Crackberry addicts and corporations that subscribe to Research in Motion's Blackberry service weren't…
  • Google Completes Office Suite with PowerPoint Product
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt used his brief appearance at the Web 2.0 Expo today to announce the company this summer would add a PowerPoint editing tool…
  • Computer security: The feds lead the way
    The federal government is finally using its vast purchasing clout to do something about the leaky security of Microsoft Windows. The Office of…
  • Vonage: Now, There's No Work-Around?
    On Friday, Vonage relealed that coming up with a work-around around Verizon's technology could take months. That seems to contradict the company's…
  • The Death of Web Radio?
    On April 16, the Copyright Royalty Board upheld its earlier decision to impose higher royalty rates on Webcasters. It also clarified that the…
  • Doubleclick Deal: Did Somebody Say Google's Too Powerful?
    After a week or two of speculation, the deal's done. It's Google's biggest deal ever, by far, and all cash--a good chunk of Google's $11 billion in…
  • Vonage: Need Help With Story
    Are you a current Vonage customer? I'd love to talk to you for a forthcoming story.
  • MediaFlo TV Programming: Oldies
    Trialing MediaFlo mobile TV service, I have found that much of the programming available today had already run in prime time yesterday. Is that…




Last Updated: 05:24 pm Market Summary

S&P500 1983.53 9.9
DJIA 17113.54 61.81
NASDAQ 4456.016 31.312
Stoxx 50 3189.22 52.16
FTSE 100 6795.34 66.9
DAX 9734.33 122.28
Nikkei 15343.28 127.57
Topix 1273.27 9.98
Hang Seng 23782.11 394.97