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  • Confused by Virgin Mobile USA's S-1
    On May 1, Virgin Mobile USA filed an S-1 form, stating its intention to go public. Perusing the prospectus, I found a lot of things in there to…
  • Constructive Challenges to DMCA
    The flap at Digg over the posting of an HD-DVD encryption key has gotten more than enough attention. But no one seems to be talking about more…
  • HD-DVD versus the world?
    Lost in the whole Digg brouhaha, is whether backers of high-definition DVD formats are trying to fruitlessly stuff the genie back in the bottle.…
  • Digg Users Revolt. Web 2.0's Moment of Truth?
    So a user on Digg posted an item that contained a code to hack HD-DVDs, and all hell broke loose. The folks who run Digg--er, I mean, the…
  • Yahoo! Buys Right Media (Big Surprise)
    When Yahoo! bought 20% of Right Media last October, some folks wondered why it didn't buy the whole shebang, and figured that would happen before…
  • iGoogle: It's Your Google
    Google has offered a personalized home page since 2005, but tonight it's getting a major revamp. For one, it's getting an uncharacteristically…
  • Google To Viacom: Sorry, You're All Wrong
    This won't come as a surprise to anyone, but today Google filed an answer to Viacom's copyright lawsuit against Google and its YouTube video…
  • The Last of a Breed
    I just saw news on the AP wire that Jack Valenti, retired longtime head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, died today at the age of 85.…
  • Windows Genuine Annoyance
    Microsoft never seems to run out of ways to make its antipiracy Windows Genuine Advantage campaign more annoying. WGA is a
  • Vonage Shakes Its Finger at Verizon
    Vonage just kicked off a national campaign accusing Verizon, with which it's locked in a legal battle over patents, of limiting customer choice.…




Last Updated: 12:16 am Market Summary

S&P500 1994.29 -16.11
DJIA 17172.68 -107.06
NASDAQ 4527.689 -52.1
Stoxx 50 3257.48 -15.77
FTSE 100 6773.63 -64.29
DAX 9749.54 -49.72
Nikkei 16205.9 -115.27
Topix 1330.88 -1.03
Hang Seng 23960.43 4.94