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  • Google To Viacom: Sorry, You're All Wrong
    This won't come as a surprise to anyone, but today Google filed an answer to Viacom's copyright lawsuit against Google and its YouTube video…
  • The Last of a Breed
    I just saw news on the AP wire that Jack Valenti, retired longtime head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, died today at the age of 85.…
  • Windows Genuine Annoyance
    Microsoft never seems to run out of ways to make its antipiracy Windows Genuine Advantage campaign more annoying. WGA is a
  • Vonage Shakes Its Finger at Verizon
    Vonage just kicked off a national campaign accusing Verizon, with which it's locked in a legal battle over patents, of limiting customer choice.…
  • More Google Power
    First, Google's sites (including YouTube) pass Microsoft's family in traffic. Then it lands the crown as world's most powerful brand, again taking…
  • So Much for All Those Sell Ratings on Amazon.com
    Amazon.com continues to confound analysts and investors with its spending on new technologies and free shipping, but at least in the first quarter,…
  • Wi-Fi-Sharing Communities Rise Up
    Time Warner Cable has just allowed its subscribers to turn their broadband connections into public Wi-Fi hotspots through a service called FON.…
  • Ho-Hum--Google Blows Away Earnings Expectations Again
    The search giant earned $3.68 a share, not including stock compensation and other onetime expenses. That's way over the $3.30 analysts expected, on…
  • Froogle No More
    Realizing that a pun does not a good brand make, Google has rechristened its shopping search service Google Product Search. I guess no one can be…
  • UMPC, MID Alphabet Soup
    Geez, I was just getting used to the unwieldy moniker UMPC for




Last Updated: 08:34 am Market Summary

S&P500 1967.57 2.89
DJIA 16943.81 28.74
NASDAQ 4415.49 19.286
Stoxx 50 3157.05 6.46
FTSE 100 6690.17 17.8
DAX 9666.34 7.21
Nikkei 15164.04 -52.43
Topix 1255.19 -4.06
Hang Seng 23233.45 -5.54