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  • Google's Annual Meeting: More Entertainment Than News
    I didn't hear much real news out of Google's annual meeting, though I did catch a glimpse of former star investment banker Frank Quattrone, yukking…
  • 802.11n or Bust?
    It's interesting how many companies continue to tout the upcoming 802.11n Wi-Fi standard as the best way to send video files around the home, even…
  • HDTV Madness?
    Pioneer officially took the wraps off its new line of plasma HDTVs on May 9. It's impressive technology. Having seen pre-finalized versions at the…
  • New VoIP Player: Mobivox
    A new VoIP player, Mobivox, just jumped into the Web-calling market. The service, which was released in beta to 1,100 testers and is now launching…
  • John Chambers Agrees to Stay at Cisco Until Next Decade
    Given his desire to put the pedal to the metal, [Chambers] says Cisco directors asked him at a board meeting in recent days whether he was prepared…
  • A New Era, of Phone Everywhere
    Consumer electronics manufacturers increasingly believe that people will want to see calling capabilities in every device they touch. DiXCOM just…
  • SAP Caught Between Two Worlds
    SAP's going to have a hard time hopping on the software-as-service bandwagon without blowing up its $12.4 billion traditional software business in…
  • Turns out I wasn't first to think of Dell buying RadioShack
    After posting a story on why this merger might make sense, I got an e-mail from Current Analysis analyst Samir Bhavani. Turns out he's been…
  • Will Microsoft Really Buy Yahoo!?
    So it appears [Update: or not--see below] from the stories in the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. And usually where there's smoke,…




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DJIA 17356.87 288.0
NASDAQ 4644.312 96.478
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FTSE 100 6417.65 81.17
DAX 9744.76 200.33
Nikkei 17210.05 390.32
Topix 1376.32 24.31
Hang Seng 22832.21 246.37