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  • Bright Outlook for Broadband Services
    A new survey by Bolt, a youth-oriented content site with 4.5 million registered users, offers a glimpse into the bright future of the Internet. The…
  • Tipping Point for Apple?
    I've read many reviews in recent days about Malcom Gladwell's new book,
  • Mega snoopers at the market? Hide your credit card behind a banana.
    Privacy alert. The next big cameraphone scare is just around the corner. No, not cameraphones in locker rooms. That was last year? story. This…
  • Ax Falls At PeopleSoft
    Well, it's official, the layoff count at PeopleSoft has begun as Oracle CEO Lawrence Ellison makes good on his promise to make his $10.3 billion…
  • Thoughts on the Symantec/Veritas merger
    What?? going to become of the Symantec-Veritas deal? It seems like a smart combo to me, but investors are bailing out of both company?? stock. I…
  • When will software companies grow up?
    Another day, another story that a newly installed software program doesn't work. Except this time, it's not just a glitch in some company's supply…
  • Bloggers and whistleblowers
    Interesting thread on Dan Gillmor's page about the
  • The Tech Job Paradox
    On the surface, this new reportfrom the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas looks pretty positive: High-tech job cuts fell 23% last…
  • Going, going, gone
    Venture capitalist Bob Kagle, an eBay board member, once confided to me that most people--even some inside eBay--still don't understand what the…
  • Solar Cell Technology Takes a Leap
    Your shirt, your car, even your MP3 player could, in a few years, be doubling as electricity generators. University of Toronto researchers have…




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S&P500 2011.36 9.79
DJIA 17265.99 109.14
NASDAQ 4593.426 31.238
Stoxx 50 3271.37 33.93
FTSE 100 6819.29 38.39
DAX 9798.13 136.63
Nikkei 16301.08 233.51
Topix 1330.39 12.48
Hang Seng 24178.09 9.37