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  • The Entrepreneurship Job
    Another 663,000 jobs vanished in March, according to this morning's Labor Department release, with a staggering 5 million jobs lost in this…
  • MySpacing your business
    So the beta version of MySpace Local, a directory of local businesses, may be helpful for entrepreneurs who want to tap into the wealth of social…
  • Bootcamp for New Orleans entrepreneurs
    I'm late on this -- have had a crammed couple of weeks and thus the blogging drought -- but wanted to highlight an event out of New Orleans last…
  • White House Town Hall a Bust for Some Entrepreneurs
    Franz Hofmeister, president and CEO of 70-person Quaker Bakery Brands, traveled all the way from Appleton, Wis., to attend President Obama's first…
  • Recession hits everything. Even the funnies.
    Brenda Starr, girl reporter, was laid off this weekend by her newsroom boss B. Babbitt Bottomline. She's not alone in her comic axed-ness — office…
  • "Give us your geeks"
    John Tozzi's fantastic, exhaustive (and yes, exhaustive is the right word) Best Small Cities for Startups offers some juicy tidbits. Who knew Hilo,…
  • Looking for an Angel
    As if entrepreneurs needed more reason to conserve cash. On March 30 University of New Hampshire's Center for Venture Research released its survey…
  • Five Tax-Time Audit Red Flags For Small Business
    Ahead of the IRS issuing its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of the most egregious tax schemes and scams (here’s the 2008 list), accounting firm BDO…
  • GAO Issues Scathing Report of HUBZone Program
    For anyone who wants to know where underfunding and under-staffing of the Small Business Administration leads, check out this report from the U.S.…
  • Does Your Business Need Improved Access to Credit?
    In his column in today's New York Times about the Obama Administration's financial rescue plan, which is being sold, in part, as a way to fix the…




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