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  • Marketing to People With Disabilities
    This week I attended the Disability Matters Conference, the brainchild of Nadine Vogel, a former executive at MetLife who started her own company,…
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship
    NFTE's top Global Entrepreneurs Photo by Margaret Fox The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship held its annual awards ceremony last…
  • A Promising Sign for Small Business Loans
    It seems that the secondary market for Small Business Administration-backed loans may actually be thawing out a bit. Banks that make SBA-backed…
  • Bedroom Startups
    Michelle Conlin wrote about startup founders living together to save cash in the wonderful BTW section of this week's magazine. We're reposting her…
  • When a Junk-Loan Buyer Buys Your Loan
    What happens if your bank fails, your loan gets auctioned off by the FDIC, and a junk-loan buyer comes a-calling? There's a revealing story about…
  • Record Store Day Tomorrow
    Tomorrow (April 18) is the second annual Record Store Day, a marketing campaign started by a coalition of indie music shops. Local shops are…
  • Selling Used Stuff: A $9 Billion Market
    Stores that sell used stuff -- second-hand clothes, old records, antiques, and other vintage items -- did $9 billion in business in 2007. That's…
  • Down and Out, But Not Without Perks
    Most small business owners are probably more concerned with making sure to keep their own staff employed than offering perks to the legions of…
  • New York City Entrepreneurship Week Starts Next Week
    Just a quick heads up to fellow New Yorkers: check out free panels and other events next week as part of New York City Entrepreneurship Week. Lots…
  • Cuba: Open for Business?
    Cuba has been on lots of people's minds lately, particularly with President Obama's recent decision to lift parts of the decades-old embargo on the…




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