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  • Dispatches from the retail front lines
    Earlier this week, we asked small retailers to tell us what you're seeing this holiday season. So far I haven't heard any tales of real slow sales.…
  • Senator Olympia Snowe on Change at the SBA
    The Small Business Administration, with its loan programs, coaching, and educational curriculum is vital to the nation’s small businesses. That’s…
  • Retailers: What are you seeing?
    Was your store empty over the weekend? Filled with browsers instead of buyers? Did discounts translate into sales? Are shoppers clicking through on…
  • Black Friday reading
    It's worth remembering that, lousy economy and historic financial crisis notwithstanding, most of us have plenty to be thankful for. So I hope you…
  • The Big Three and the Small 50,000
    As I was reading about the auto industry bailout on the way into work this morning, a question occurred to me: How many small businesses depend on…
  • Health Insurance for Freelancers
    I missed this bit of news because I was away last week, but the Freelancers Union just started a health insurance company in New York. This is a…
  • The Future of Tourism in an Economic Downturn?
    With everyone cutting back on luxury items and non-essentials and companies slashing workforces, benefits and perks, a couple of clever…
  • How to use small business credit cards
    There's a great discussion about using credit cards in the comments on this post by Justin McHenry on Small Business Trends. He jumps off from an…
  • A Nod to Young Entrepreneurs from the State of Massachusetts
    Now this is cool. The founders of four small companies from our latest national roundup of promising entrepreneurs aged 25 and under are set to be…
  • Is TARP Really a TRAP?
    The Treasury’s capital purchase program, the system for injecting capital into the nation’s banks, may look like a give away on the surface. But…




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