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  • Temp Workers Driven Into Entrepreneurship
    Companies are replacing full-time jobs with temp positions, and that drives some unemployed and temporary workers to start small businesses to…
  • Monday Links: Insurers Respond to Congress
    Health insurers deny that they've raised premiums on small businesses in anticipation of reform. The NY Times's Reed Abelson posts Congress's…
  • Friday Links
    Read tips from successful entrepreneurs. Learn about entrepreneurial funding, health insurance for entrepreneurs, and get updates on small biz news…
  • Thursday Links: Christmas Trees; Taxes; The End of SEO
    Lots of hat-tipping today... A California entrepreneur has found a niche business delivering live Christmas trees for rent and retrieving them at…
  • A Second Look for Small Business Loan Applicants
    One of the notions to come out of President Obama's meeting with bank execs Monday was that lenders would take a
  • Tuesday Links: Get Fit
    Springwise features a new fitness gadget positioned as a way for employers to improve their workers' health. States have been missing their goals…
  • Monday Links: Obama and the Bankers
    Obama presses top bank execs to expand small business lending, the FT's Anna Fifield reports. Bank of America pledges to boost small business…
  • Making Borrowers Healthier, As Well As Banks
    One reason the credit crisis persists for small businesses is that even as banks have tightened their lending standards, fewer small businesses are…
  • Weekend Links: TARP, Taxes...Madams?
    Yearend tax advice from Bill Bischoff in the WSJ. Slightly different tax advice: Even illegal business activity is subject to taxes. Kelly Phillips…
  • Thursday Links: Born With It
    Is entrepreneurship literally in the DNA? CNNMoney's Ian Mount reports on research, including Scott Shane's study on genetics and entrepreneurship.…




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