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Your Boss's Urgent E-Mail May Be a Scam

Your Boss's Urgent E-Mail May Be a Scam

The Federal Trade Commission warns that fraudsters are targeting small businesses by impersonating executives in need of a wire transfer


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    Yesterday we asked whether promoting shopping at local businesses would be enough to revive the economy in Wilmington, Ohio, from the 8,000 jobs…
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    There’s nothing like a severance package – and a little help from the government – to spur one to start a business. New York City's mayor, Michael…
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    Anita Campbell has a good post about how the Youngstown Business Incubator is nurturing a cluster of software start-ups in the Rust Belt city. The…
  • How to build a local economy
    On the other side of the state from Youngstown, where a business incubator is helping to stave off the worst effects of the declining industrial…
  • A Small Business Competition Starts in Secaucus
    It’s good to know that small business owners are keeping it real. In recent months, we’ve seen Wall Street chieftains taking the heat for excessive…
  • Mobility and Taxes
    I found this nugget in the Small Business Economy Report (on page 201 of the PDF). It's kind of jargony, but it's basically saying that as some…
  • Small Business Economy Report
    The SBA Office of Advocacy released its annual Small Business Economy report today. (The PDF, which weighs in at 413 pages, is here.) Since this…
  • Meg Whitman: Small Business Governor?
    Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, considered a champion of small business has announced her intention to run for Governor of California. While national…
  • Opportunity in a Terrible Job Market
    Jobs are disappearing fast, with 598,000 gone in January, on top of nearly as many lost in December. They're disappearing from small businesses.…




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