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  • Deep disappointment
    Republicans such as Rep. Tom Reynolds (26th District-NY) are expounding today on how the country is clearly uniting behind the Republican Party,…
  • Divided, but civil
    Riding the subway through New York this morning, in the heartland of blue America, I was struck by how quiet, and sober, and civil, people were. I…
  • A different sort of stalement
    Now, with the deeper perspective gained by two and a half hour hours of sleep and three cups of coffee, everything still looks ... blurry. It seems…
  • Frustrated by silence on the Left
    For more than a year, I??e received messages at regular intervals from MoveOn and other grassroots activists groups urging me to fight the good…
  • Why Bush won
    Democrats sensed defeat late last night.
  • Don' let your babies grow up to be pollsters
    Mama, don' let your babies grow up to be pollsters Don't let 'em pick winners and losers for bucks Let 'em be doctors and lawyers and such…
  • Sentiment shifts toward Bush
    Ohio seems beyond Kerry's reach, in the view of many analysts. There's speculation that Nevada, which seemed safely in the Kerry column, is now…
  • Stocks rally
    The stock market, which sold off late yesterday when erroneous exit polls suggested that Kerry was about to clobber President Bush, bounced back…
  • A hand across the aisle
    Andrew Sullivan, stung by the loss of the candidate he wanted to win, and deeply disturbed by bans on gay marriage on 11 states, still extends…
  • Like Lucy with the Football
    Voter turnout was huge on Election Day 2004. Although the final numbers aren't compiled yet, sizeable numbers of first-time and lapsed voters…




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