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  • Bummer
    It's been a week of memorable rhetoric on the hard left. While many people within its ranks were repeatedly described as bewildered and depressed…
  • More evidence of a stronger economy
    The economy's underlying strength, which was obscured during the campaign, is becoming more obvious by the day. While weekly jobless claims rose…
  • Looking ahead to 2008
    Sen. Kerry emerged from the 2004 campaign in better shape political shape than he was at the start. So far, Democrats have treated him the way New…
  • Getting back to work
    The perception of the economy has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Not too long ago, many people thought the U.S. was on the verge of…
  • A reader responds
    Reader LeeAnn Elkins thinks the doubts over exit polls are nothing compared to potential problems with electronic voting. She writes:
  • Van Gogh
    An editorial in today's New York Times thankfully draws attention to the murder of Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh, at the hand of Islamist…
  • Another reader responds
    Reader Ole Eichhorn points out that not all the bloggers blew it on the early exit poll story. Ole says: Plenty of bloggers were warning against…
  • The mandate debate
    Two summations in the debate of the hour: Resolved, Bush's reelection is a mandate for four years of conservative government. Aye: The Weekly…
  • The blues
    A story in today's New York Times takes the pulse, as we say in the news business, of the cultural capital of blue America. For me, this tour of…
  • Where is the outrage over film maker's death?
    I can't even count the number of times over the last few years that Bush has been mindlessly compared to Hitler, the Nazi's, the fascists. But as…




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