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  • An agenda for Commerce
    Kellogg CEO Carlos Gutierrez is going to have a particularly big job running the Commerce Dept. In the past, this post hasn't really been part of…
  • Another issue for Commerce
    The Commerce Dept. will be at the heart of another crucial item on the White House agenda: tax reform. As our friend David Wyss of S&P explains,…
  • Internet tax ban avoids critical VoIP issue
    After a year of squabbling, Congress has finally reinstated its ban on states taxing Internet access. But the new freeze, which is due to last…
  • The dollar: a reader responds
    Greenspan's unhappy with the decline in the dollar. And a reader takes strong exception to my glass-is-half-full analysis:
  • The stolen-election myth
    David Corn's piece in The Nation should put to rest the paranoid theory that the Republicans stole the presidential election by manipulating…
  • The debate over oil prices
    No one really knows how much oil is in the ground, or how much of that oil is usable. New and improved technology makes it possible to pump and…
  • Cabinet shakeup
    Secretary of State Colin Powell is stepping down. MSNBC says likely successors include U.N. ambassador and former Senator John Danforth, and…
  • Oil: A reader responds
    Some interesting points from reader Curtis D. Horne, CPL, the head of Houston-based petroleum consultant Curtis D. Horne & Associates. He writes:
  • Saddam's piggy bank
    The amount of money that the former Iraqi regime skimmed is stunning, as this report in the FT shows....
  • Weak dollar, strong economy
    Oil prices are falling, job growth is surging, and the fiscal deficit is leveling off. It now appears that the economy is stronger than many people…




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