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    This is a test of posting through Ecto....
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    Brand New Day - BusinessWeek Online...
  • question of the day
    Are blogs the new unions? In a good way. Are blogs a new countervailing force within corporations battling bureaucracy, hierarchy, lethargy and…
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    sadf,adsnf asdjfadj adf jds.asdjf dsfldaslf...
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  • A surprise spike for the November PPI
    You can bet the 0.5% jump in November wholesale prices will be on the minds of Alan Greenspan & Co. when the Federal Open Markets Committee meets…
  • Turnover at Treasury
    Given the nature of the White House's domestic agenda, the job of Treasury Secretary is going to be especially important this term. Attempting to…
  • Weak job report no cause for panic
    So says Action Economics:
  • Democrats: Moving to the left
    Joe Trippi, who managed Howard Dean's presidential campaign, argues in the Wall Street Journal that the Democrats must move to the left, revitalize…




Last Updated: 08:52 am Market Summary

S&P500 1967.57 2.89
DJIA 16943.81 28.74
NASDAQ 4415.49 19.286
Stoxx 50 3177.21 20.16
FTSE 100 6745.54 55.37
DAX 9751.29 84.95
Nikkei 15296.82 132.78
Topix 1265.46 10.27
Hang Seng 23346.67 113.22