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  • Intel's big China news
    The company hasn’t confirmed the news yet, but it seems Intel is gearing up to build its first chip fab in China. As my BusinessWeek colleague Arik…
  • No new Internet cafes in China
    Internet cafes in China play a far more important role than in the U.S. and other Western countries: Since relatively few Chinese own PCs, millions…
  • Vietnam as an alternative to China
    Back in the mid-1990s, then-Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui tried to steer local companies away from investing in China by encouraging them to…
  • Coming To Your Big-Screen TV: High-Def Photos
    I'm finding it harder than ever to get excited about digital cameras. Call me jaded but it seems like every few weeks a tech maker comes out with…
  • Wired Nation Goes Wireless
    South Korea’s mobile carrier KTF on March 1 launched the world’s first “nationwide” network enabling seamless video conferencing on the go. The…
  • China responds to science scandals
    This week two of China’s top science agencies have announced new strategies to crack down on fraud. This is in response to a series of scandals…
  • Phishers find India
    As readers of this blog can attest, lots of Indians are keenly competitive with the Chinese. But there’s one industry where Indians have been happy…
  • Rush hour for China's cellular operators
    By now just about everybody who cares knows that China is the world’s biggest cellular market. Every once and a while, it’s useful to step back and…
  • Sharp's Share Falls
    Should Sharp be worried? The latest iSuppli ranking for the fourth quarter of 2006 showed Sharp dropping to fourth place with just 11.4% of the…
  • Sony Cuts Back On Chip Spending
    Is Sony giving its semiconductor strategy a rethink? That's what Yutaka Nakagawa, who heads Sony's semiconductor division, suggested to reporters…




Last Updated: 04:43 am Market Summary

S&P500 1983.53 9.9
DJIA 17113.54 61.81
NASDAQ 4456.016 31.312
Stoxx 50 3198.89 9.67
FTSE 100 6803.54 8.2
DAX 9776.22 41.89
Nikkei 15328.56 -14.72
Topix 1272.39 -.88
Hang Seng 23971.87 189.76