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  • One battle China's online censors can't win
    For a regime notorious for censoring the Internet, China’s government is having an awfully hard time fighting one of its main online enemies -…
  • Sex blogger arrested in China
    According to Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, the government has launched yet another campaign in its never-ending battle against Internet…
  • Flat-TV Acronyms
    Remembering all the acronyms for the different types of TVs out there can be a bit like staring into a bowl of alphabet soup. There's CRT, which…
  • Is Google teaming up with HTC?
    Is Microsoft's most important Taiwanese partner about to switch teams? High Tech Computer (HTC) is the world's No. 1 maker of smart phones using…
  • Brand new Taiwanese
    Another electronics manufacturer from Taiwan trying to break out of the commoditization trap. As I wrote here yesterday for BW, smart phone pioneer…
  • NEC's Nanostep in Quantum Computing
    Building a quantum computer can be a tricky business. That's because physicists are still in the early stages of figuring out how to control the…
  • Chinese chipmaking woes and Indian chipmaking dreams
    Does it make sense for countries like China and India to try to compete in the ultra-expensive semiconductor industry? Indian officials seem to…
  • PlayStation's Father Steps Aside
    In the end, it was Ken Kutaragi himself who felt his creation was better off without him. On April 26, the inventor Sony's iconic PlayStation video…
  • Sharp's Lookin' Good, But Not Trouble-Free
    Sharp's numbers today were impressive: For the fiscal year through March, it posted double-digit gains in sales and profits and record highs across…
  • A blogger shortage in India?
    Writing in Foreign Policy, Preeti Aroon looks into the surprisingly small number of bloggers in India. Aroon cites (unspecified) research showing…




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S&P500 1983.53 9.9
DJIA 17113.54 61.81
NASDAQ 4456.016 31.312
Stoxx 50 3189.22 52.16
FTSE 100 6795.34 66.9
DAX 9734.33 122.28
Nikkei 15328.56 -14.72
Topix 1272.39 -.88
Hang Seng 23906.81 124.7