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  • Free Business Coaching
    For all those affected by these horrific events, getting back on track, re-focusing, and setting new goals are only a part of the monumental tasks…
  • Moving Forward
    For all those affected by Hurricane Katrina, I offer my prayers and support. As a small-business owner myself, I know what it means to not be able…
  • A Plea to Business Survivors
    Let's get businesses impacted by Katrina BACK UP and RUNNING... I would like to help create and publish a list of companies that were impacted by…
  • Retail Advice
    I'm a small-business consultant, largely retail, and would like to offer ideas and suggestions to anyone in the affected area facing reopening or…
  • A Message of Support, An Offer to Help
    As a small-business owner, I can only imagine the devastation of Katrina on small businesses throughout the South. More than machines and mortar,…
  • Advice for Contractors?
    Built Right Construction is a state-certified general and roofing contractor in Florida interested in assisting with the disaster recovery efforts…
  • Building Blocks
    We are manufacturers of a prefab concrete forming system called DC FORM made with plastic panels. DC FORM utilizes reusable injected plastic panels…




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S&P500 1967.57 2.89
DJIA 16943.81 28.74
NASDAQ 4415.492 19.288
Stoxx 50 3157.05 6.46
FTSE 100 6690.17 17.8
DAX 9666.34 7.21
Nikkei 15164.04 -52.43
Topix 1255.19 -4.06
Hang Seng 23233.45 -5.54