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  • Easing Fears about Off-Shoring
    Just as the immigration debate soars to a feverish pitch in the United States, some of the top Indian outsourcing firms are making moves that could…
  • Software for global teams
    IBM has plenty of labor cost challenges in the US and Northern Europe that are pinchinng its IT services profits, but its techies are in the…
  • How to stand out in a crowd: Customer Sat
    One of the key issues confronting the top Indian IT services firms is how to differentiate themselves from one another. If the top five companies…
  • The Off-Shoring "Sham"
    There's a lot of fretting these days among Indian IT executives about wage inflation and a temporary talent shortage. In spite of that, just about…
  • NASSCOM gears up its lobbying
    A delegation from NASSCOM dropped by at the BW office in NYC yesterday. That's India's software services trade association. They were in the States…
  • Breakthrough: Offshoring for Home PC Users
    Up until now, almost all offshore IT services have been aimed at large corporations in the US and Europe. Sure some Silicon Valley startups tap…
  • I'm Glad I'm Not Richard Gere
    Actor Richard Gere has long been immensely popular in India. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's his spiritualism, or maybe it's just his rugged good…
  • Latin American Land Rush
    Most of India's top tech services outfits talk a good game about being globally distributed, but, essentially, they deliver low-cost services from…
  • What lost programming jobs?
    My BW colleague Catharine Holahan just wrote a story about the surge in demand for engineers and Web designers in the US. It was just four years…
  • The Indians Wrestle with Business Consulting
    The earnings reports turned in by the top Indian tech outsourcing companies over the past couple of weeks are mighty impressive. While demand…




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NASDAQ 4095.516 9.291
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Nikkei 14516.27 98.74
Topix 1173.37 6.78
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