JD Power's Denove...Too Much Info.....But Good Info

Posted by: David Kiley on January 19, 2006


J.D. Power and Associate’s Chris Denove today addressed the International Motor Press Association in New York kicking off a series of events that will tout a new book by him and Power partner Jamie Power, titled Satisfaction.

Denove, always good on the subject of customer satisfaction and wehat all the Power rankings really mean, started off by apologizing to the audience for his lack of sleep. Seems Chris has been suffering from a kidney stone the last month and he shared with us how he had finally passed it last night in his Manhattan hotel room. Whoah Nellie…..passing stones Chris? Too much info.

But then, there was good info in his presentation. I especially like his riff on how many car dealers actually believe that the higher their satisfaction scores are the lower their close rates will be because if they are spending all that time making a customer happy then they aren’t pressuring a sale. Oy vay.

While it does serve Power’s agenda, the info he presented was credible, showing that the higher the satisfaction rate is, the higher the close rate and sales are for the same dealers. So, who are these wombat dealers who still believe that the worse they treat customers the more cars they will sell? Judging by the rankings, Toyota dealers apparently believe that. Honda dealers, also notoriously smug and unhelpful, Denove showed, saw a 30% rise in sales at dealerships where their satisfaction substantially went up.

Hey dealers….be Nice. It pays.

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