Alexandra Samuel is CEO of Social Signal, a social media agency. She helps companies and organizations increase revenue, build brand and strengthen team relationships by creating compelling online communities and social web presences. She holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Follow her on Twitter at

Alexandra Samuel

Articles by Alexandra Samuel


  • A 7-Step Process to Achieving Your Goals
    Harvard blogger Alexandra Samuel chares her ritual for making good on her objectives for the new year
  • Make Peace with Always-On Access
    Camper and Harvard blogger Alexandra Samuel makes a case for Wifi access in the great outdoors
  • Twitter's Wise Move
    The micro-blogging site prevented a world of problems by banning sponsored tweets that would monetize users' personal relationships, says Harvard…
  • The Science of Swag
    How do you make freebie souvenirs conference-goers will cherish (or at least not abandon in the hotel room)? Blogger Alexandra Samuel offers advice
  • Three Instantly Effective Social Media Strategies
    No budget for developing a comprehensive Web strategy to engage your customers? Try this trio of simple and quick innovations courtesy of Alexandra Samuel




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