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  • More German Companies Seeking Handouts
    Formerly confident execs—even from companies that disdain government aid—are lining up in growing numbers for a piece of Germany's $155 billion stimulus
  • Fiat vs. Magna: The Battle for Opel
    Fiat CEO Marchionne is wooing Germans with his plan to rescue GM's ailing Opel unit. But rival bidder Magna has political support on the Left
  • Fiat Seeks Majority Stake in Opel
    The resurgent Italian automaker—already deeply enmeshed in saving Chrysler—now may bid as well for GM's struggling German unit
  • Can Porsche Manage Debt from VW Deal?
    The takeover last year of much larger Volkswagen seemed ingenious before the slump hit, but now Porsche is struggling to pay the interest on its debt
  • Daimler and BMW Get Cozy
    The German automakers have been negotiating for a year on a joint procurement deal that could save them each billions—and maybe someday lead to a merger




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