Bruce Weinstein, PhD


Bruce Weinstein, PhD, is the author of Ethical Intelligence (New World Library, 2011) and host of "Ask the Ethics Guy!" on Bloomberg Businessweek's online management channel. He frequently gives keynote addresses on ethics and leadership to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools across the U.S. Readers can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Bruce Weinstein, PhD

Articles by Bruce Weinstein, PhD


  • The Ethics of Multitasking
    Stop the multitasking madness: Put down the iPod and your BlackBerry, and pay attention to the task at hand
  • Memo to the Class of '09
    A tough job market shouldn't make B-school grads compromise on their ethics— now or at any point in their careers
  • The Ethics of Work-Life Balance
    The recession pushes some to work harder than ever, but overextending yourself won't save your job, and it's unethical, too writes The Ethics Guy



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