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Ben Levisohn is a staff editor at BusinessWeek covering finance and personal finance. After teaching preschool for three years, Levisohn moved to New York to trade stocks. He caught the tail end of the bubble and then traded through the long decline and recovery. He left trading in 2006 to attend the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, where he received a master's degree in journalism. He joined BusinessWeek in 2007.

Ben Levisohn

Articles by Ben Levisohn


  • Sizing Up the New Oil Spike
    Analysts are divided about the reason for rising prices. Is it lower inventories or the falling dollar? In any event, oil companies should clean up
  • Finding Higher Returns With Lower Risk
    Finding Higher Returns With Lower Risk
    There is surging interest in low-volatility investment strategies. Still, some investors are finding ways to make volatility work for them
  • How to Play the Banks After Stress Tests
    Financial stocks have faded, but investors can still buy the banks' senior debt, preferred shares, and hybrids. Or wait for a pullback
  • Behind the Bounce in Treasury Yields
    Contrary to expectations the Fed didn't boost its purchase of Treasuries, as optimistic investors have propelled gains in riskier assets
  • Bonds: Reading the Yield Signs
    In the inflation-deficent present, where can fixed-income investors turn for a meaningful yield? Assuming a little credit risk can help juice returns




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