Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab, a new kind of strategic advisor that helps investors, entrepreneurs, and firms experiment with, craft, and drive radical management, business model, and strategic innovation. Prior to Havas, Umair founded Bubblegeneration, an agenda-setting advisory boutique that helped shape the strategies of investors, entrepreneurs, and blue chip companies across media and consumer industries. Bubblegeneration's work has been recognized by publications like Wired, The Red Herring, Business 2.0, and BusinessWeek, and in Chris Anderson's Long Tail, to which Umair was a contributor.

Umair Haque

Articles by Umair Haque



  • The Worst Business Model
    Learn from outrageous, harmful business ideas like Wonga payday loans. Umair Haque explains it all
  • The New Calculus of Competition
    Too often what passes as an innovative new product is in reality an unimpressive alteration of someone else's breakthrough
  • What Would a Fair-Labor iPod Cost?
    Umair Haque cogitates on producing one of Apple's music devices without overseas sweatshop—or semi-sweatshop—labor
  • The Best Business Model
    The secret to orchestrating your business's success is simpler than you think, according to Harvard's Umair Haque
  • The M-Shaped Recovery
    Our great challenge isn't "recovering" from a financial crisis. It is rehabilitating an economy



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