Steve McKee


McKee is president of McKee Wallwork & Company and author of Power Branding and When Growth Stalls. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Steve McKee

Articles by Steve McKee


  • The Spark Plug Theory of Marketing
    The Spark Plug Theory of Marketing
    Borrow from the engine part's elegant efficiency and give your audience room to interpret your advertising's meaning. You'll make a memorable impression
  • Ten Common Marketing Mistakes
    First, review the basics involved in building awareness. Then forge a plan, heed the hurdles involved in its execution, and don't expect immediate results
  • No Room for Promises in Advertising
    Hold off on packing your ads with claims that could prompt challenges or rankle your customers. Instead, forge an emotional connection with them
  • Don't Market to the Mirror
    It's easy for business leaders to project their attitudes and behaviors upon prospective customers. This can undermine a campaign's effectiveness
  • The Customer Isn't Always Right
    People are motivated by their own interests, not your company's. Meet their demands and pay attention to their opinions—discerningly, putting your…




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