Steve McKee


McKee is president of McKee Wallwork & Company and author of Power Branding and When Growth Stalls. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Steve McKee

Articles by Steve McKee


  • The Pros and Cons of Co-Branding
    It can enhance both partners—or put a dent in one. Make sure you pick a partner that's a good fit with your company's products, values, and image
  • Customers Your Company Doesn't Want
    Aiming to please too many different types of customers can be a fatal flaw. Focus on your core audience and don't waste money on the rest
  • In Advertising, Consistency Pays Off
    Your ability to sustain a long-term advertising program shows customers that you're a successful, reliable brand
  • Why PR Is the Prescription
    The right story told at the right time can bring valuable attention to your business, even during a downturn
  • Who's to Blame When Growth Stalls?
    Guilty feelings and finger-pointing won't help. Instead, ensure that trust, consensus, and clarity are reestablished among senior management




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