Steve Hamm


Stephen Hamm is a senior writer in BusinessWeek's information technology section. Hamm first joined BusinessWeek in the Silicon Valley bureau and was then an associate editor in New York. Prior to BusinessWeek, Hamm was an editor and writer for PC Week, the San Jose Mercury News, the New Haven Register, and other publications. Hamm is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Steve Hamm

Articles by Steve Hamm


  • How Sun Would Help IBM Get into the Cloud
    Companies want to adopt cloud computing, but few have. An IBM-Sun pairing may give corporations incentive to ride this new wave in tech
  • Why IBM Wants Sun
    If IBM CEO Palmisano succeeds in acquiring Sun Microsystems, both companies could gain. But so far, Wall Street is lukewarm
  • IBM: Outsourcing at Home
    India has been the primary destination for tech outsourcing. But in what could be a trend-setting move, IBM is turning to Michigan and Iowa




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