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Stephen Hamm is a senior writer in BusinessWeek's information technology section. Hamm first joined BusinessWeek in the Silicon Valley bureau and was then an associate editor in New York. Prior to BusinessWeek, Hamm was an editor and writer for PC Week, the San Jose Mercury News, the New Haven Register, and other publications. Hamm is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Steve Hamm

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  • IBM Aims for a Battery Breakthrough
    A consortium led by IBM hopes to develop lithium-air batteries that will power electric vehicles for 300 to 500 miles on a single charge
  • Smartphone Roulette for App Makers
    Smartphone Roulette for App Makers
    The market for business apps is booming, but business-software makers face make-or-break choices among BlackBerry, Apple's iPhone, Palm, and others
  • How Cloud Computing Will Change Business
    IBM, Qualcomm, Nokia, and other majors, along with startups, are preparing to cash in on new technology. Not that it will be easy
  • A Comeback in the IPO Market
    Recent activity has ended a drought of venture-backed initial public offerings, and some experts foresee a rebound to about 40 a year
  • SolarWinds' IPO Raises Hope
    The successful IPO of SolarWinds, a maker of software for monitoring and repairing computer networks, offers hope to other venture-backed startups



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