Anne VanderMey is a B-schools writer at BusinessWeek.

Previously, VanderMey was a reporter at the Hartford Courant. She has written an analysis of the role of the youth vote in the Presidential election, an exposÉ on student plagiarism, even a piece about living like a rock star that required her to sneak backstage at a Linkin Park concert dressed as a Domino's pizza delivery guy.

VanderMey is a graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she majored in political science and also studied Russian. She has studied abroad in Moscow and Varanasi, India, where she taught drama and English to 20 children.

Anne VanderMey

Articles by Anne VanderMey


  • Harvard's MBA Oath Goes Viral
    What started as a pledge to do no harm by 2009 graduates of the elite business school has quickly gone global, but not everybody's on board
  • For MBAs, Waiting Is the Hardest Part
    Wait-listed applicants were hoping to be tapped for the last remaining B-school slots, but top schools now say those candidates are out of luck
  • Student Funds Tackle a Bear Market
    Student-managed portfolios at MBA and undergraduate business programs have taken a hit, but many have held up surprisingly well amid the economic wreckage
  • MBA Interns Going Unpaid
    In a sign of the times, a small but rising number of B-school interns—once coveted by companies—will work for free this year
  • For Job-Seeking MBAs, Alumni May Be the Answer
    With fewer jobs available through on-campus recruiting and job boards, alumni networks are becoming more critical


  • MBAs to the Environmental (and Financial) Rescue
    An Environmental Defense Fund program gives MBA students a crash course in energy efficiency. Then the MBAs crunch the numbers to show the payoff…
  • The New Criterion for MBA Admissions
    Amid a tight MBA labor market, B-school admissions decisions increasingly hinge on applicants' ability to land a job upon graduation
  • MBAs Confront a Savage Job Market
    The MBA Class of 2009 was hit harder than expected by the recession. At some top schools, 1 in 5 are jobless 3 months after graduation
  • MBA Job Outlook Dims
    New research suggests fewer companies will be hiring MBAs this year, and salaries in tech, financing, and manufacturing will be flat or down



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