Sohrab Vossoughi


Sohrab Vossoughi is Founder and President of ZIBA Design, the company he started in 1984. The recipient of more than 30 patents and over 200 design awards, Vossoughi was named BusinessWeek's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992. He continues to direct projects for clients including Nike, Microsoft, Xerox and Hewlett-Packard.

Sohrab Vossoughi

Articles by Sohrab Vossoughi


  • Redesigning the Health-Care System
    Health-care executives need to take a leaf from Apple's playbook and consider a patient's experience with the whole system
  • So You Want to Innovate?
    Apply a mindset of scarcity and resourcefulness, and bring about a revolution. Are you listening, health-care industry reformers?




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