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  • Britain Sliding in Foreign Investment
    Despite upbeat talk from British politicians at a London investment conference, the harsh truth is that foreign direct investment into the U.K. is…
  • Euro Zone Fears Spread to Spain
    Though its finances are in better shape than Greece's, there's growing nervousness in Europe that Spain could be the next weak link in the euro zone
  • Bank of England Issues Cautious Report
    Britain's central bank has lowered its 2010 growth forecast and Governor Mervyn King concedes the chance of more setbacks while dismissing alarmism
  • Britain Returning to Economic Growth
    After 18 months of GDP decline and the worst year for the economy since 1921, Britain's recession finally ended in the fourth quarter of 2009,…
  • Upbeat Start to 2010 Lifts British Hopes
    New data on mortgages, manufacturing, and money supply suggest that the long-suffering U.K. economy may finally be close to exiting recession




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